Post War Glamour Girls

Post War Glamour Girls are four screaming charmers formed in late 2010. Heavy hitting and dry witted, they create songs which swell up and boil over into brooding, thumping masterpieces reminiscent of Tom Waits, Grinderman and ‘Moon and Antarctica-era’ Modest Mouse. Wearing their hearts firmly on their sleeves, PWGG live shows are gripping affairs. The sets are laced with reckless abundance as songs tinker into a clatter and clatter into a roar before collapsing in a proud heap on top of the audience. First single ‘Ode to Harry Dean’ was released on Sturdy in October 2011 and was followed by the EP ‘Tragic Loss; He Had Such a Lovely House’ in August 2012. Meanwhile, they’ve been playing festivals, appearing on telly, attracting deserved plaudits far and wide, and generally getting a bit famous. To find out why, amuse yourselves with some of this little lot…

Interview – A Negative Narrative

Interview – Goodcat