Once in a while a band comes along that seems to fit nowhere and everywhere all at once. Hailing from Leeds but a million miles away from the indie-rock plodders who have put that city on the map in recent years, Loqui (pronounced – oh the irony – “Low-Key”) have spent the past couple of years enthusing and bemusing audiences in equal measure, winning plaudits that have described them as anything from a “pumped-up Polyphonic Spree” to a “punked-out Andrew Lloyd Webber”. They could just be the band to save us all.

Last year’s debut single Hermes Pan followed a stellar headlining slot at Leeds and Reading Festivals’ BBC Introducing Stage. Both of the aforementioned had the webzines, blogs and local media buzzing…

“A spark of genius/madness that sends them well away from the wrong targets … a certain theatricality in them, not so much West End or Brechtian but the low rent glamour of early B-52s and Sparks” – Sweeping the Nation

“With the energy & passion of prime Nick Lowe, Loqui create one hell of an addictive racket!!!” – Subba Cultcha

“A proud exclamation, rather than a depressing realisation – delivered with an on-the-edge-of-sanity vibe.  This is a messed up, jazz-tastic fairytale of a song… where everyone lives happily ever after” – Is This Music?

“A triumphant blast of confidence in impossibly grand (and intelligent) pop music. It’s an exhilarating listen and it’s madly danceable.  I can’t think of anything even remotely like this” – Whisperin’ & Hollerin’

“Stonking bass-led drums, brass that was more than Less Than Jake and healthily heaped teaspoons of personality make this stirring stuff; the icing on the cake that only the aurally anorexic could fail to tuck into” – Sandman

“Loqui are a bit mental … ace and almost indescribable” – Leeds Music Scene

Loqui plan to spend most of 2010 holed up in the studio working on their debut album, All I’m Hearing Is Noise. Requiring, as it does, multi-layed vocals, brass, strings, gospel choirs and about 3 million guitars, they might be some time. Expect a single and live action by the end of 2010 – in the meantime keep an eye on their website and Myspace for updates and freebies.