We are inordinately pleased and proud to be releasing the debut album from indiepop heroes / eighth wonder of the world The Seven Inches. It will be out on August 12th, with a download-only teaser single, ‘The Little Things’, out on July 30th.

What does it mean to be a Seven Inch?
It means to be a footsoldier of beauty, with joie de vivre as your creed
Commitment to socialist folk music, soul power, classical sturm und drang, rock and roll realism, pop love, gospel truth, experimental ideology, and punk creativity.
To believe in content over competence, style over content, and honesty over style.
To provide a pop-up paper theatre, a miniature masquerade, a quixotic cultural melee.
To dance and dance till the music’s over.
To always listen to the b-side.
To create miracles in your spare time to give you consolation in your unfree time.
To make ridiculous claims like some puffed-up charlatan, or spurious god 

If you’ve heard of The Seven Inches, chances are you’ll have read that tiny manifesto before. No matter, because those few lines tell you as much about this ridiculous miracle of a band as anything else you’ll ever read. Equal parts Jeffrey Lewis, Jonathan Richman, The Lovely Eggs and David Devant & His Spirit Wife, filtered through the best indiepop of the past two decades, sensible people already know that The Seven Inches have the power to make you dance, laugh, cry and cheer (often in the space of a song) like no other.

Following their Sturdy Records debut ‘Peruvian Poncho’ last November, the long-awaited release of their first album is, in some right-thinking quarters, cause for national celebration. 12 incredible songs about little things, wanting to be the second coolest person in town (after you), openness and honesty, dressing up, underachieving, cartoons and, er, boating lakes – each one a improbable life-affirming gem, each one a glorious flashback to a time when it wasn’t a contradiction in terms to be this singular while still totally in love with the pop dream.

The Seven Inches have long been heroes amongst Leeds’ indiepop and DIY scenes (in fact, they’ve probably been around long enough to say they’ve been heroes amongst several of Leeds’ indiepop and DIY scenes). They’ve also played all over the country, including Indietracks festival, support slots with Jeffrey Lewis, The Long Blondes and more, winning hearts everywhere with their bizarre onstage props, trumpets, synths and cardboard keytars. If this makes them sound like some self-conscious novelty act, rest assured that nothing could be further from the truth – The Inches play it from the heart every time.

 For proof see the teaser single ‘The Little Things’ – four minutes of rousing, heartfelt fizzy indiepop glory. It’s out in late July as a free download via Launch gig is at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds on Saturday 10th August. Be at it!

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