THE WIND UP BIRDS – ‘The Mild Awards’ new single out Nov 12th

Hot on the heels of their ridiculously acclaimed debut album ‘The Land’, released on Sturdy earlier this summer, we bring you more scathing, literate, awkward post-punk pop brilliance from The Wind-up Birds’ seemingly inexhaustible supply of scathing, literate, awkward post-punk pop brilliance.

‘The Mild Awards’ is a perverse, provocative, brass-powered anthem to underachievement; a perfect antidote to the 2012 mindset and its air of blinkered, hollow triumphalism where “there’s no point in losing or a battle bravely fought”. They’ve called in reinforcements for this one: the arrangements are written by Ben Siddall of The Lodger and The Birthday Kiss, and played by the Morricone brothers from The Scaramanga Six and Rob from Sturdy Records stablemates Loqui. The result is… well, you’ll see. It’s good.

The Mild Awards will be available on 7” vinyl and through all the usual digital outlets from Monday 12th November. The same day will see the release of the Sturdy Records various artists compilation By Hook or By Crook, which includes another exclusive Wind-up Birds track (the storming ‘Two Ambulance Day’) alongside 11 other gems representing the cream of Leeds.

Previous praise for the fantastic debut album ‘The Land’, available now on Sturdy Records:

“angry and outspoken about the state of the nation, and does it in a way that snarls and shouts; the chances are that you’ll also get equally get swept up by it … succeeds brilliantly in taking that most overused of genres – post punk – and making it sound vital again … exhilarating stuff”4 out of 5, Artrocker
“Full of clever lyrics and catchy social comment, I fully expect the lyricist Paul Ackroyd to be the progeny of John Cooper Clarke … a thought provoking album in which every track is of value.”Counterfeit
“It’s about time that we had some more kitchen sink artrock from Leeds and The Wind Up Birds are just the band to supply it … A healthy mix of Half Man Half Biscuit, The Fall and Art Brut”The Crack
“the deadpan genius of the lyrics draws some real gulps… breathtaking”Whisperin and Hollerin

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