New Wind-Up Birds oldies out now via Bandcamp

Acting Thick for Money is an ace compilation of early recordings by The Wind-Up Birds, available now via the band’s Bandcamp page. The idea is to give you all a chance to hear some of the ace stuff they were giving away at gigs in the few years before their debut single proper was released by Sturdy Records last year. The tracklisting is…

Round Here
Stay Close To the Driver
Bastard Required
Two Minute Hate
Long Term Sick
The New Eighties
The Federation of Detached Youth
Escape From New Yorkshire
She Was Reliable
Slow Reader
Everybody Loves The Idiot Boys

The release is a pay-what-you-like deal, ie you get it for whatever you think it’s worth. And don’t forget the Bandcamp site also has last year’s singles ‘Tyre Fire’ and ‘Courage, for Tomorrow Will Be Worse’. Meanwhile, stand by for the next single, ‘Meet Me at the Depot’/’Popman’, recorded a couple of weeks back with Whiskas at House of Mook and due out in June. Very good.

Here’s a new video for ‘Round Here’, a track first heard on the first-ever Wind-Up Birds demo back in 2004…

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