Introducing… Post War Glamour Girls

The latest addition to the Sturdy roster is undoutably one of the most exciting bands to have emerged in Leeds over the past year or so. Post War Glamour Girls come on like Nick Cave fronting Portishead, or Tom Waits grappling with Modest Mouse – ie they’re flipping brilliant, and unbelieveably are all barely in their twenties. Since emerging fully-formed into the world barely six months ago, it’s been virtually impossible to go out to a gig without tripping over these lot, a little further up the bill every time, which is probably why they’ve landed a plum slot at the amazing Live at Leeds festival next weekend.

The double-A single ‘Ode to Harry Dean’ / ‘Spitting Pearls’ will be out on October 10th, but in the meantime have a look at a rather special interview here or listen to a live version of ‘Harry Dean’ here…

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